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SEERSIS is a brand founded by Min Lee (Sifan Lee), 
a professional make-up artist and fashion stylist, who has worked in Vancouver Fashion Week and many fashion shows. 
  Born in Taipei, Taiwan, now she lives and works in the fields of fashion and makeup in Vancouver.

專業彩妝師及時尚造型設計師, 李敏 ( Sifan Lee).

Services include :
Beauty and skincare consultant - 美容保養顧問
Beauty makeup - 精緻彩妝
Bridal - 新娘及婚禮服務
Photo shoot - 攝影服務
Special events - 特殊場合造型
Fashion show stylist - 時裝秀造型總體設計
Special FX - 特效化妝
TV / Film / Stage - 電視/電影/舞台 妝容造型
Airbrushing / Bodypainting - 空氣噴槍/人體彩繪 
Hair styling - 髮型設計
Clothing design - 服裝設計
Private and group lessons - 個人及團體課程教授

Makeup artist & Fashion Designer - Sifan Lee (Min Lee)

Makeup artist & Fashion Designer - Sifan Lee (Min Lee)